Developing potent, safer cell and gene therapies

Cartesian is developing potent yet safer cell and gene therapies designed to benefit the broadest range of patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases. Unlike conventional CAR-T cells, which have the potential for uncontrolled proliferation and ensuing severe toxicity, Cartesian’s Descartes CAR T-cells are engineered to have a defined and predictable half-life, enabling repeat dosing to maximize potency while minimizing risk of toxicity. The products’ enhanced safety features are intended to enable convenient, outpatient treatment of potentially the widest range of diseases for any CAR-T therapy, from multiple myeloma (relapsed/refractory or early-stage disease), other cancers, and a spectrum of autoimmune conditions such as generalized myasthenia gravis.


Cartesian’s Descartes pipeline consists of six wholly-owned cell and gene therapy programs, three of which are in clinical development in an outpatient setting. The programs target a wide range of diseases, including multiple myeloma, other cancers, and a spectrum of autoimmune conditions. Cartesian’s pipeline benefits in part from a commanding IP position, supported by a broad, exclusive patent license from the National Cancer Institute.

Cartesian Pipeline banner


Descartes-08 (multiple myeloma)


Descartes-011 (multiple myeloma)


Descartes-08 (generalized myasthenia gravis)


Descartes-20 (myeloma & autoimmune diseases)


Descartes-12 (myeloma & autoimmune diseases)


Descartes-015 (solid tumors)