Developing potent, safer CAR cell therapies

Cellular therapies are a highly promising approach to treat cancer, including multiple myeloma. Cells modified to express chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) are reprogrammed to target tumor cells exclusively, and administering CAR cells to patients with hematological malignancies has led to remarkable reductions in tumors. However, CAR cells can also be highly toxic, and their toxicity has limited their use to patients with advanced disease. Cartesian’s proprietary technology, originally developed by researchers at the NIH, has the potential to greatly broaden the use of CAR cells for patients with multiple myeloma and other diseases.


Cartesian’s pipeline consists of multiple safety-profiled chimeric antigen receptor cell therapy products for treatment of multiple myeloma and other diseases.

Cartesian Pipeline banner


Descartes-08 (myeloma)


Descartes-011 (myeloma)


Descartes-015 (solid tumors)