Developing potent, safer cell and gene therapies

Conventional engineered cell therapies carry risks of uncontrolled proliferation and severe toxicity. Cartesian’s DescartesTM cells are engineered to have a defined and predictable half-life, enabling repeat dosing to maximize potency while minimizing risk of toxicity. Cartesian enables treatment of a strikingly wide range of diseases for a cell therapy platform, including cancers such as multiple myeloma (including early-stage disease), autoimmune conditions such as generalized myasthenia gravis, and respiratory diseases such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Our enhanced safety profile in several cases even allows for convenient outpatient treatment.


The RNA ArmorySM is Cartesian’s proprietary RNA-based cell engineering platform that activates and arms cells with carefully selected, mRNA-based therapeutics. Unmodified donor cells enter the RNA ArmorySM in the millions; a battle-ready cell army leaves the RNA ArmorySM in the tens of billions. Each cell is equipped with a combination of therapeutics rationally chosen to have a synergistic effect on the disease. In the body, the cells deliver a precision-targeted treatment regimen directly to the site of disease. The cells express therapeutics with a defined half-life, enhancing their safety profile and making repeat dosing and outpatient administration possible. The platform is agnostic to cell type: we choose the best cell for the job, whether autologous or off-the shelf.

Cartesian RNA Armory

Clinical Pipeline

Cartesian’s pipeline consists of six wholly-owned cell and gene therapy programs, three of which are in clinical development. The programs target a wide range of diseases, including cancer, autoimmune conditions, and respiratory diseases. Cartesian’s pipeline benefits from a commanding IP position, supported in part by a broad, exclusive patent license from the National Cancer Institute.

Phase 1/2 clinical programs

Cartesian Pipeline