The leader in RNA Cell Therapy

With three assets in clinical and three in preclinical development (see Pipeline), Cartesian is the leader in RNA Cell Therapy. Our mission is to unleash the potential and reach of cell therapy through RNA engineering.

RNA Cell Therapy is a new class of therapy that blends some of the best features from conventional nanoparticle-based RNA therapy with conventional DNA-engineered cell therapy.

In contrast to conventional nanoparticle-based RNA therapies, RNA Cell therapy may have minimal immunogenicity with repeat dosing. It can also be easily engineered with tissue-specific homing proteins.

Compared to conventional DNA-based cell therapies, RNA Cell Therapy has a predictable half-life and avoids the risk of genomic integration: two attributes that are expected to make it safer. RNA Cell Therapy is also less expensive and enables true combination therapy without vector cargo limits.

RNA cell therapy

Cartesian Therapeutic RNA cell therapy

cGMP Facility

Cartesian operates a wholly-owned, state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland. By conducting all RNA cell therapy manufacturing in-house, we are able to optimize our processes rapidly and iteratively while directly assuring adherence to our strict quality standards. The resulting products are potent yet safer, cost-effective investigational cell therapies that can be administered with minimal training and post-infusion monitoring.


The RNA Armory® is Cartesian’s proprietary cell engineering platform that generates large-scale, potent RNA cell therapies with extended protein expression. The RNA Armory® is currently focused on RNA engineering two types of cells, T-cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). Our CAR T-cell programs harness the safety of RNA and autologous engineering to target autoimmune diseases and frontline cancer – without lymphodepletion. Our off-the-shelf MSC programs leverage these cells’ clinical safety record and excellent capacity for protein secretion to deliver synergistic combinations of therapies.