RNA cell therapy: RNA engineering any cell, to target to any tissue, any combination of therapies

Cartesian is the leader in RNA cell therapy, focusing on engineering cells with RNA to overcome the limitations of conventional cell engineering, which uses DNA to modify cells irreversibly. Unfortunately, DNA-modified cells can behave unpredictably in the body; there is the possibility that they may proliferate out of control, cause severe toxicities, and even survive unchecked for months or years. For this reason, conventional cell therapies are most frequently used in very ill patients with the most advanced cancers.

Cartesian uses the RNA Armory® to engineer RNA into cells, making time-controlled changes. Our RNA cell therapies are safer because they have predictable lives within the body. They can treat patients beyond those with the most advanced cancers (e.g., newly-diagnosed cancer patients), as well as conditions beyond oncology (e.g., autoimmune and respiratory disorders).

RNA cell therapy

Cartesian Therapeutic RNA cell therapy

cGMP Facility

Cartesian operates a wholly-owned, state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland. By conducting all RNA cell therapy manufacturing in-house, we are able to optimize our processes rapidly and iteratively while directly assuring adherence to our strict quality standards. The resulting products are potent yet safer, cost-effective investigational cell therapies that can be administered with minimal training and post-infusion monitoring.


The RNA Armory® is Cartesian’s proprietary cell therapy platform that enables RNA-engineering any cell, to target to any tissue, any combination of therapies. The platform is agnostic to cell type: we choose the best cell for the job, whether autologous or off-the shelf.

1. RNA engineered into cells

RNA cell therapy step 1

2. Cell machinery naturally translates RNA into multiple therapeutic proteins

RNA cell therapy step 2

3. RNA-engineered cells infused into the patient

RNA cell therapy step 3

4. RNA cell therapies deliver their combination therapy directly to diseased tissue

RNA cell therapy step 4